In Loving Memory

In Loving Memory of Ricky Wilcox
October 3, 1985 – June 14, 2004

We’ll All See Him Again
The question is, was it his time to go?
The truth of the matter is,
we’ll never know,
And when we meet again,
will he remember me still?
But I know Ricky,
and I know he still will.
Our lives will go on
with the impact he made,
And the memory of him
will never fade.
I’ll watch him sleep,
but never be woke
And manage a smile
when his name is spoke.
The hurt we feel will one day mend,
When we realize that
we’ll all see him again.

Don’t cry for me
For I am not here
I feel no more pain
I have no more fear

Don’t lose yourself
Do not stay in bed
Live life to the fullest
Cause that’s what I did

Don’t cry for me
You did nothing wrong
Instead take me with you
Please take me along

When you see something beautiful
Or look at the ocean
See a good wrestling match
And are filled with emotion

For I will live on
Through your eyes I can see
Because I am a part of you
As you were a part of me

Don’t cry for me
And someday you’ll see
We’ll be together again

I’ll never forget the day
I heard the bad news
I didn’t believe it, it couldn’t be
Their words were all misused

I thought to myself, why him?
HE did nothing wrong
Not Ricky, he could never die
His will was way too strong

They weren’t lying,
it really did happen
Their words were really true
Ricky truly was an angel
He touched everyone he knew

First there was Bresani
And then they took Mike Shaefer
I knew them, but we were boys
This hurts me ten times greater

I can think back to the days
Of wrestling when we were young
We’d go out and destroy our opponents
The gold’s we always won

I’m lost without my buddy
We always had great fun
Why him? He was so young
His life has yet begun

They say God has a plan
For Ricky you and me
Ricky was destined for greatness
God’s best angel he will be

His soul will live forever
Until the end of time
No one will ever forget him
That perfect buddy of mine

By: Jason Eickmeyer

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